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Secure Streaming

Security is the key when sharing pre-release content and DMS’ PANTHER SECURE STREAMING (PSS) system allows feature-length content to be safely screened online with confidence. We help you take control of when your content is viewed and how, thanks to our fully customisable burnt-in user-watermarks, IP-lock settings and flexible timeframe options, all combining to ensure the integrity and security of your content.

Presented alongside press releases, artwork and production notes; feature films, TV series and home entertainment titles are securely screened to journalists worldwide for review purposes and for voters consideration during awards season.

PSS is also used by production companies to sell releases to other territories, whilst also acting as an archive for catalogue titles and offers both Standard and High Definition streaming across multiple devices, including PC/Mac, iPad and iPhone.

For more information or to host a campaign on PSS today, please email [email protected]