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The DMS closed captioning service offers a fast, efficient quality service for subtitling TV adverts. Around 10% of television viewers in the UK use subtitles on a daily basis and could potentially be missing out on the message your ad is aiming to convey.

We provide advertisers with a new cost-effective option to ensure their message reaches this audience.

The subtitling of your content includes additional features not present on a standard subtitling offering. The closed caption text is color coded to differentiate speakers, relevant sound effects and music cues are noted and the text is positioned around the screen to avoid covering up important action or text in your ad.

Our experienced team creates subtitles that enhance the impact of your content and highlight the most important part of your messaging whilst integration with the Honeycomb distribution platform allows direct delivery to broadcasters. Subtitling requests can be made either direct with DMS or as an option on the Honeycomb platform.

DMS offers the lowest rates in the UK for commercial subtitling with reduced pricing for multiple versions (content with adjusted messaging). All subtitles are produced by humans who will make sure the subtitles are tailored to suit your product. Additional languages are available upon request

For any enquiries please contact the team at [email protected]